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InfoPolis.Gid - a flexible solution for installation on a self-service terminals. This software will allow to attract more customers to your terminal.

InfoPolis.Gide The main purpose of InfoPolis.Gid - organization web sites in public places. You can place a self-service terminal in the cafe, at a gas station waiting room. InfoPolis.Gid modern solution-oriented travelers.
To operate the complex software needs access to the Internet.
With InfoPolis.Gid you can arrange additional advertising space. InfoPolis.Gid uniqueness lies in the fact that the product includes a module for displaying advertising on the secondary monitor. You can also use InfoPolis.Gid as a standalone tool for displaying advertising on the screens of all sizes and resolutions.

InfoPolis.Gid runs under OS: Windows and Linux.
InfoPolis.Gid not picky about the technical characteristics of the system unit.
InfoPolis.Gid compatible with most touch screens.

The main features:

  • Internet browser.
  • Sending email.
  • Find objects on a map.
  • Routing.
  • Print the route.

Areas of application:

  • Waiting rooms.
  • Tourist facilities.
  • Cafes, restaurants, places of public power.
  • Stations.

Extending the basic version, which allows a wireless Internet access point.