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InfoPolis.Platezh - software for installation on a self-service terminals.

InfoPolis.Payment InfoPolis.Platezh - modern reliable solution for payment acceptance points.
A feature of this software package is the possibility of making payments through the most appropriate payment gateway. InfoPolis.Platezh constructed on the basis of Platz, which allows for guaranteed delivery.

InfoPolis.Platezh runs under OS: Windows and Linux.
InfoPolis.Platezh not picky about the technical characteristics of the system unit.
InfoPolis.Platezh compatible with most touch screens, as well as the most popular models of fiscal printers and bill acceptors ..

The main features:

  • Networking payment terminals.
  • Ability to work with multiple payment gateways simultaneously.
  • Guaranteed delivery of payments.
  • A simple extension of the list of services.
  • Search for payments.
  • Monitoring of payments.
  • Acts of reconciliation.

Areas of application:

  • Items receiving payments.
  • E-cashier.