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AIC, "Accounting for administrative offenses"


Automated Information System, "Accounting for administrative offenses" is designed to automate the registration, storage and processing of information about offenders and committed administrative violations (AP), the preparation and delivery of established forms of documents.


AIS is created for ALM:

  • Improve management decisions in accordance with the requirements of the Administrative law;
  • Create a comprehensive understanding of the identified AP, committed individuals, officials, persons engaged in entrepreneurial activities without forming a legal entity (individual entrepreneurs) and legal entities;
  • Creating a unified system of accounting rule-AP at all stages of the bodies authorized to consider cases of AP;
  • Reduce the time complexity of document creation and management accounting;
  • Of detecting recurrent AP;
  • Opportunities for information exchange between organizations, leading accounting AP.
The objects of the introduction of AIS ALM is commission Administrative territorial executive authorities.
External organizations with an opportunity to participate in information exchange are:
  • State Housing Inspectorate of St. Petersburg;
  • State Administrative and Technical Inspection;
  • PG 'Urban advertising and information ";
  • Service of the state building supervision and examination of St. Petersburg.