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AIS "information kiosk"


Automated information system "information kiosk" designed to create interactive user interfaces for payment terminals, information kiosks and reference boards.






AIS "information kiosk" lets you create a system that meets the desired objectives through a combination of the following functional components:

  • All categories of information and reference data; call
  • Interactive map displaying the set of objects;
  • SIP-pay telephone with the possibility of making calls;
  • WEB-browser with the controls for "touch screen" display;
  • Payment module payment;
  • Public services on a personal map;
  • The printer allows you to print the documents and images from the screen;
  • System monitoring and administration.

All categories of information and reference data

The component "Categories" AIS "information kiosk" provides the ability to create interactive content, and access to information and reference information. "Categories" allows you to create any hierarchical directory of information system resources. Setting levels of the hierarchy and the content objects are cards in the console pay administrator. Cards can contain objects as a text description and photos, as well as various additional parameters: the address, telephone, attached documents, the coordinates of the object. Thus, the possibility to not only view the contents of the object, and perform various additional actions associated with the use of components: view and print the documents on the object to display the object on the map, make phone calls on these phones.

Interactive map displaying the set of objects

Interactive map allows you to display not only the location of the particular objects on the map, but also display its name, short description and small picture. Categories displayed objects can be defined depending on the section from which the displayed map. When you click on the icon to the display object goes to the card object. When you work with the card user is able to see where he is at this point (data terminal from which access is displayed on the map). It is possible to route between two points card and system objects.

SIP-payphone call from the ability to pay

Components of the SIP-Payphone enables making phone calls, both emergency numbers and the numbers of fee charging. Before making a call to the entered number is automatically calculated price per minute and offers to pay in advance (except for emergency numbers). During a conversation in real-time display afisha tariff, the remaining amount of prepayment and the number of remaining minutes of conversation. For 1 minute before the end of the conversation, the user is prompted to update your account without interrupting the conversation.

WEB-browser with the controls for "touch screen" displays

WEB-browser designed to display pages on the Internet, as well as internal resources. Internet access is based on payments to prepay. It is possible to identify a list of pages on which the transition will not be charged fees, such as portals, government agencies and advertising resources. If there is a need to restrict access to certain pages, links to these pages are entered in the blacklist.

Payments payment module

Payment module provides interaction with the operators of payment to pay for mobile services, utilities, money transfers and other payments, including the registration fee. Simultaneous work with several payment operators. Feature of the module is a high availability, ensuring the passage of payments in case of network failures or refusals at the operators of payment (payment takes place after the resumption of work by the operator or another operator).

Public services for the personal card

AIS "information kiosk" allows you to organize the provision of access to public services. To provide the citizens of St. Petersburg opportunity to apply for government services electronically over the Internet bilet use card readers to access. Access to electronic services of St. Petersburg for the users is provided through the personal section of the Portal of public services - "My Account".

The printer allows you to print the documents and screen shots

The system includes a component to communicate with the printer A4. When the partitioning system, electronic documents or internet pages, it is possible to output images to print. Printing service can be provided either free or for a fee. This automatically calculated the number of pages and amount of payment. Through the integration of paper and toner in your printer warranty is provided by printing after payment. Information on the status of the printer output to the console monitor and allows you to quickly change the toner cartridge refills and paper.

System Monitoring and Administration

The system implements a convenient component for monitoring and management, allowing centralized to get information, which significantly reduces maintenance costs. To add or change the information resources of a centralized administration console. Monitoring of all components through a web-service monitoring, with automatic restart is possible to configure the individual components when they stop or out of order.