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Self-service terminals is very popular not only in Russia but throughout the world.
What is so attractive terminals for consumers and providers?

For the consumer, first of all - it's easy to find information, saving time, online payment for goods and services. And taking into account the wide distribution of terminals they can always find the way to work or just walking.

For service providers - is a highly profitable business which does not require large investments, it is possible to attract attention, to attract more customers. The terminals do not require much space and very little maintenance. High competition on this market significantly reduces the cost of equipment. The equipment offered by different suppliers rather typed:

  • metal case, made in various designs and colors.
  • waterproof touch screen.
  • additional screen.
  • contactless card reader.
  • bar code scanner.
  • device for use with bank cards.
  • printer and fiscal registrar.
  • terminal.
  • camera.
  • computer system unit.
  • uninterruptible power supply unit.

Competition in the market self-service terminals deployed in the service sector, and the distinctive features of the software of the terminal.

JSC "Petrosoft" offers software designed for installation on the self-service terminals. Terminal piece of software designed to work both on terminals with Windows, and Linux, which allows the use of the existing license, or to use royalty-free software.

We invite you to go beyond the standard framework and expand the range of services to your terminal network. This will allow you to ensure smooth operation of your business, get exactly the product that most closely reflects your business model. You are able to fully define all the features of the terminal, which will most accurately position your services. We developed the software you will use a self-service terminal as efficiently as possible.

We offer our customers a full range of services, from equipment selection to develop a unique design of the software. The experience of successful projects, enables us to avoid most of the errors encountered by beginners in this field, and implemented solutions can reduce the final cost of delivered solutions. Developed by our software is compatible with all touch screens, and most of the final equipment. If you need to develop software for specific equipment, our specialists are ready to solve this problem.

Our software allows you to best protect the transmission of information, both financial and confidential. All user actions performed by the terminal are fixed, which allows for complete control of the system and ensure its sustainability. When working with external systems, our software uses a secure communication protocol that guarantees our customer peace of mind for safety information.

The model of our software allows you to create multi-lingual information and referral system that allows users to expand the audience of terminals.

Remote centralized control
We provide centralized control of the terminal through the Internet via secure channels. This significantly reduces maintenance costs and ensure continuous operation of the terminal, and updating software.

Easy Configuration
The offered software is designed to meet the wishes of the customer. Terminal software works identically on both Windows terminals, as well as on Linux, without having to install any additional components. Our software has minimal hardware requirements, thus reducing the cost of the complex as a whole. Installing the software takes place in a single click, configure can a person does not possess programming skills.

Key features provided by our software

  • Interaction with the bill acceptor, cash register, scanner, barcode reader.
  • Payment service providers (mobile operators, deposits, payment of utilities, fines, online shopping store, air and rail / train tickets)
  • Servicing of microprocessor cards.
  • Support payment by plastic cards.
  • Logging of all operations performed on the terminal.
  • Maintain directory of services, promotions and events.
  • Informing customers about various events and services.
  • Displays the online materials.
  • Interviewing.
  • Organization HotSpot (WiFi).
  • The organization of local telephony.
  • Demonstration of advertising.
  • Organization of the Internet terminal.

Application software for self-service terminals.

  • Conduct product presentations
  • Terminal Expo
  • The terminal for Internet access
  • Information terminal facilities
  • Corporate Terminal
  • Payment Terminal
  • Addition of transport and fuel cards
  • The terminal state agencies
  • Reference Terminal
  • VoIP terminal