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JSC "Petrosoft" successful cooperation with business organizations and is ready to offer our customers both standard solutions and custom software development.

Modern office, whether it is a small company of 5 people or the average number of employees to about 300 addresses the same goals and face similar problems.

Every year the costs for information technology increases, this is due primarily to the need to quickly make decisions instantly receive the information, and second century was the accumulation of information, if earlier the main objective was to gather information, the task now is to use the accumulated data. Usually the company does not systematized accumulated data and information in one department can hardly be combined with information from other departments. In addition, from year to year as the number required for the operation of software products, as well as the cost of licensed software. Many companies prisleduyut two objectives: automation of enterprise processes and reducing costs of IT. But only a few can be solved both problems effectively.

To solve these problems, we offer our customers:

  • organization of the office-based ACT (free software);
  • integration solutions to unite fragmented information;
  • developing their own information systems.

The main services of our company:

  1. IT infrastructure service company:
    • Remote administration of servers.
    • Service Firewall, proxy, mail server.
    • Service portals.
    • Maintenance of security systems.
  2. The organization as a phone inside the office and between the remote sites.
  3. Development and integration of warehouse / accounting systems.
  4. Developing solutions for the visualization of processes and financial performance in the hierarchical structure of a distributed enterprise.
  5. Developing solutions to integrate business hours.
  6. Portal solutions.