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Currently, utilities in the area have a lot of problems especially with the absence or fragmentation of information, low automation. As a result of the reforms has been lost important information about the status of objects of past repairs, etc. It is the lack of necessary data is often incorrect, and made economically unjustified decisions. To solve these problems, we offer a line of software products GeoPolis.

One of the activities of JSC "Petrosoft" is software development in the area of ​​housing and communal services. Our company has been analyzed user requirements and developed the most requested solution. The complex software to automate the activities of the following areas:

  • management of district facilities management;
  • landscaping;
  • major repairs;
  • CSW website creation, HOA, Management Company.

We offer our customers software GeoPolis that automate the management of district facilities management. The system consists of two modules that are intended as a reference for information on facilities maintenance, and display information on a map. The basic functionality of the system:

  • Centralized management of information on the elements of the address space and facilities maintenance.
  • Accounting for operating organizations and technical characteristics of buildings.
  • Allowance for tenants and lawsuits.
  • Display objects on the map.
  • Quick access to information.

With this system employees of the management company, CSW, HOAs and CC always get the latest information.

One of the distinguishing features of the system is its scalability by connecting their own layers:

  • container sites;
  • lawns;
  • water meters;
  • coverage;
  • heating;
  • tenants.

For example, the system can be easily expanded to meet the challenges of an accomplishment. There is an opportunity not only to make descriptive information into the system, but also to attach factual data such as documents and photographs. The system can also be used to calculate the area, and hence labor costs, which is especially important to plan for snow clearing operations.