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InfoPolis.Katalog - software for installation on a self-service terminals.

InfoPolis.Catalog InfoPolis.Katalog helps to organize the electronic catalog of goods or services. With it you can easily place the necessary information in an easy-to perception. The software supports the placement of a static information and dynamic content.

With this software you will be able to provide its customers with comprehensive information about your services. InfoPolis.Katalog easy to install and set up that allows you to quickly enter it into the business processes of your enterprise.

InfoPolis.Katalog runs under OS: Windows and Linux.
InfoPolis.Katalog not picky about the technical characteristics of the system unit.
InfoPolis.Katalog compatible with most touch screens.

The main features:

  • Search catalog:
    • by product name;
    • on the article;
    • by brand;
    • by category;
  • Reporting on promotions and special offers.
  • View details.
  • Displays static information.
  • Displays dynamic information (movies).
  • Floor plan of the building.
  • Printing documents.
  • Collection of visitor statistics.

Areas of application:

  • Government agencies, to inform about their activities.
  • Universities, schools and libraries.
  • Shopping Malls.
  • Museums and exhibitions.

InfoPolis.Katalog - a flexible solution that allows you to change the design of short-term, add the missing features.
Also, if you have an official site, we can synchronize the information on the site and in the terminal network. This will allow you to edit the information in one place, creating a single information space for all types of customers.