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AIS "Register of protected objects and territories"


Information system "Register of Objects that are not allowed to retail sales of alcoholic beverages, as well as objects and areas which are not allowed to retail sales of alcoholic beverages containing ethyl alcohol of more than 15 percent of the finished product" is designed to improve the management of the Committee for Economic Development Industrial Policy and Trade and its subordinate institutions.

GOIS "Registry" was created in accordance with the Law of St. Petersburg № 385-71 of 18.07.2007, the



AIS "Register of small businesses"

msp01Automated information system "Register of small businesses."

Automated information system "Register of small businesses" (AIS "NSR") is designed to automate the following tasks: maintaining a register of small and medium-sized businesses, receiving documents and decisions to support small and medium-sized businesses, use the Registry to obtain statements and analysis of performance data provided by government support.



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